North Brewing Launches Finite Series of Limited Edition Beers


HALIFAX, NSAtlantic Canada Beer Blog reports that North Brewing has launched a new series of one-off experimental beers.

The first release in the Finite Series is Ask and Embla, which ACBB describes as follows:

Called Ask and Embla after the first humans in Norse mythology, it is a mixed fermentation rustic Saison containing a significant portion of oats in the grain bill, and also a generous amount of Timothy hay in the mash. If that weren’t far enough off the beaten path, it was then aged for three weeks on driftwood foraged in Cow Bay. Not too heavy at 5.2% ABV and 20 IBU, it is said to feature citrus and tropical flavours, with a subtle aroma of hay, a light brine character and a dry finish.

Ask and Embla is on tap now at select bars and restaurants in Halifax and surrounding area. A limited number of bottles have been set aside for conditioning, and will be released soon via the North Brewing retail store.

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