Great Lakes & Amsterdam Life Sentence IIIPA: Southern Hemisphere Out Today


TORONTO, ON – Great Lakes Brewery and Amsterdam Brewery have announced details of their fourth annual collaborative beer release, which is a new take on last year’s team up.

Life Sentence IIIPA: Southern Hemisphere is a 10% abv and 100+ IBU triple IPA brewed using 150 kg of Pacifica hops grown in Nelson, New Zealand.

As explained by Great Lakes Brewmaster Mike Lackey:

Iain McOustra (Amsterdam Brewmaster) and I thought it would be great to change the hop bill in Life Sentence each year. We wanted to take advantage of the southern hemisphere harvest, which happens in June (as opposed to September in the northern hemisphere). After rubbing some samples together, Pacifica hops stood out amongst the rest. And, we both thought that if the 2016 batch turned out amazing, owners of our respective breweries would insist we head down to the New Zealand harvest next year. For business. Definitely business.

Life Sentence 2016 will be launched today (December 8th) at 11:00 AM, when a limited run of 473 ml cans goes on sale at the Great Lakes retail store for $5 each.


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