Yellowbelly Brewery Releases 2016 Edition of Mummer’s Brew


ST. JOHN’S, NLYellowbelly Brewery has announced that this year’s edition of its annual holiday seasonal beer is now available.

Mummer’s Brew 2016 is a 8.5% abv and 50 IBU Imperial Oyster Stout that Brewmaster Liam McKenna describes as follows:

Made with buckwheat honey from G&M Farm in Placentia, oysters from The Adelaide Oyster House, and dried fruit (figs, raisins, dates and prunes) potted in Lamb’s Dark Navy rum. Two row pale malts, carastan, lots of dark roasted cereals, flaked oats, a bit of molasses and a soupçon of ginger and anise round things out. Black. Black as coal. Warming, roasty and delicious.

Mummer’s Brew 2016 is now on tap at the Yellowbelly brewpub, and a limited run of 1 litre bottles will be released tomorrow at the brewery retail store and select NLC locations.

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