Off Grid Ales Launching Today in New Brunswick


HARVEY STATION, NB – A small brewery that is one of the most isolated in Canada is releasing its first beers today in southwestern New Brunswick.

Off Grid Ales is located on the edge of Harvey Lake in rural New Brunswick, several kilometres from the nearest power lines. As with the nearby home of owners Randy and Denise Rowe, the brewery is completely off-the-grid, and depends on solar power, wind power and propane to operate.

Off Grid is launching with four core brands that are split in style to cater to the differing tastes of the owners: Sunny Day IPAHigh Tower Double IPA for hophead Randy, and Campfire Red & Unplugged Porter for malt lover Denise.

Bottles of all four brands are being delivered today to ANBL locations in Fredericton. For more details, see the profile of Off Grid Ales on The East, and the brewery’s Facebook page.

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