Mill Street Releases Illuminari Cuvée Champagne-Style Ale


TORONTO, ONMill Street Brewery has announced details of the latest release in its ongoing series of limited edition large format strong ales.

Illuminari is an 11% abv strong ale with the following description:

Mill Street’s celebration-style beer, this is a highly carbonated ale bottled in 750 ml Champagne bottles and released in time for the holiday season. A very “moussy” beer with a wonderfully creamy body and light peachy-sunset colour, this has a very light and fruity nose with a balanced palate and medium-dry finish. Blended with our famous Frambozen Bier from our Toronto pub brewery, this beer has a light and fresh raspberry flavour that makes it taste like summer in a glass.

Illuminari is available now in 750 ml corked-and-caged bottles at the LCBO in Ontario, select beer retailers in Quebec, and all Mill Street Brewpub locations.

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