GTA Brews Announces Winter Warmer 2017 Homebrewing Competition


TORONTO, ON – Toronto-area homebrewing club GTA Brews has announced details of its latest seasonal competition for amateur brewers.

Winter Warmer 2017 is open to homebrewers from across the country, with entries to be evaluated by a panel of judges based on BJCP style guidelines.

Brewers are welcome to enter as many beers as they like in the competition, with no more than one in each classic style subcategory or two in each specialty beer category. Registration can be made online until February 4th, and beers must be dropped off or delivered by the same deadline, with a registration fee of $3 per entry.

Judging will take place on February 7th at Henderson Brewing in Toronto, and winners will be announced soon afterwards.

For full entry details, including a list of acceptable style categories, see the competition website.

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