Atlantic Bottle Wash Launching to Service Nova Scotia Craft Breweries


DARTMOUTH, NSCBC News reports that a new service will soon to launching to provide cleaned recycled bottles to several Nova Scotia craft breweries at a lower cost than what they are currently paying for their bottle supply.

According to the report, no craft breweries in the province are set up to receive and wash recycled bottles themselves, so most use new bottles for every packaging run, or purchase and truck in pre-washed recycled bottles from Quebec.

Atlantic Bottle Wash aims to change that, and will be setting up a facility in the Burnside neighbourhood of Dartmouth where between four and five million bottles a year retrieved from recycling depots throughout the province will be sorted, cleaned and palletized.

The facility will initially be processing 341 ml industry standard bottles, and providing them to three local breweries – Propeller, Garrison and Boxing Rock – but the company hopes to expand to other bottle formats and increase the number of breweries it supplies in the future.

John Allen of Propeller tells CBC that while Atlantic Bottle Wash won’t be able to supply all of the bottles the brewery needs, it will still be a significant amount, at a cost savings of 25 to 30 per cent per bottle.

For more details, see the full CBC News article.

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