Lunn’s Mill Beer Company Opening Soon in the Annapolis Valley

LAWRENCETOWN, NSThe Annapolis County Spectator reports that a new brewery will be opening soon in Lawrencetown, a small village in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley.

Lunn’s Mill Beer Company – which is named after the original name of Lawrencetown – is being founded by partners Mark Reid, Chantelle Webb, Sean Ebert, and Chad Graves.

According to the article, the group intends to offer “handcrafted beer in small batches and a chef-run kitchen preparing good food on-site for some sit-down or stand-up eating.”

Located on a seven acre property near the Beavercreek Winery, Lunn’s Mill will initially be running on a 150-litre brewing system, with a larger system due to arrive in the spring. Beer will be available in growlers at the brewery, local farmers’ markets, and via home delivery.

The facility will also feature a kitchen and dining area, with space for more than 70 people inside, and an outdoor patio in the warmer months. The regularly changing food menu will focus on sharing plates, and seating will be casual, with communal tables and stools to encourage mingling.

For more details, see the full Annapolis County Spectator article, as well as the Lunn’s Mill website and Facebook page.

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