Rhythm & Brews Releases Anarchy In The 6ix Porter

TORONTO, ONRhythm & Brews Brewing has announced the release of the latest in its ongoing series of musically-inspired beers.

Anarchy In The 6ix Porter is a 5.4% abv and 34 IBU porter created by R&B’s Andrew Byer in collaboration with Tina Schönwetter of Junction Craft Brewing. It’s described as follows:

Anarchy In The 6ix represents the eclectic and chaotic music scene within & beyond Toronto’s borders. Showcasing Chocolate Malt, Naked Oats, and Midnight Wheat, this porter is silky smooth with a long finish. Aromas and flavours lend to chocolate and roast with hints of coffee and caramel.

Anarchy In The 6ix will be available in bottles and on tap at select bars and restaurants in Toronto and area. For more details, see the Rhythm & Brews Facebook page.

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