Winnipeg Planning Zoning Changes to Help New Breweries

WINNIPEG, MBMetro Winnipeg reports that pending changes to the Winnipeg Zoning Bylaw will greatly increase the number of areas in the city where new breweries can set up shop..

Under current rules, breweries outside of the downtown core can only open in areas that are zoned industrial, but changes that were approved yesterday by the city’s planning, property and development committee would allow them to be located in commercial areas.

The committee also approved a change that will allow small breweries and other alcohol producers to sell their products directly to local bar, restaurants and wholesalers. While this was already permitted until provincial guidelines, city zoning rules previously limited these types of sales for producers in Winnipeg.

These are among 76 changes to the Zoning Bylaw that were OKed by the committee, all of which require approval from the city’s executive policy committee and council before going into effect.

For more details, see the full Metro Winnipeg article.

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