Railway City Orange CreamsicAle Returning for Brief Winter Visit

ST. THOMAS, ONRailway City Brewing has announced that a popular seasonal beer from last summer will be returning soon for a limited winter run.

Orange CreamsicAle is a 4.8% abv ale with the following notes:

We hand zested fresh oranges and added pure, natural vanilla and oats to create a full-bodied ale with a silky-smooth finish. Aromas of sweet vanilla and slight citrus notes fill the nose. Orange flavours dominate through the creamy mouth feel, leaving the taste of vanilla on the tongue.

Orange CreamsicAle will make its return on Friday January 27th during a “Bring Back Summer” taking place at the Railway City brewery from 7:00 to 9:00 PM. In addition to the beer release, the event will feature two special cask ales, snacks, and live music from Jerome Thomas.

General sales of Orange CreamsicAle will start the next day – Saturday January 28th – and it will be available in 473 ml cans at the brewery retail store while supplies last.

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