Nita Beer Co. Announces Birthday Party & New Beer for 2nd Anniversary

OTTAWA, ONNita Beer Company has announced details of the celebrations for its 2nd anniversary, including the release of a new beer and a party at the brewery.

Out now is Monarch of Bermuda British Golden Bitter, a 4.6% abv and 41 IBU ale with the following back-story:

The Monarch of Bermuda was a luxury liner converted into a troopship for WWII. In the desperate early days of the war, it was one of three ‘treasure ships’ that moved Britain’s gold reserves and refugee families to safekeeping in Canada. The British gold was stored in the Bank of Canada building in Ottawa and used to buy vital war materials. Through bad weather and U-boat infested waters, the ship made several crossings of the Atlantic, never losing a single passenger or bar of gold. Our British Gold Bitter honours this fascinating ship and Ottawa’s ties to an important moment in history.

Monarch of Bermuda and other Nita beers will be pouring at the Nita Beer 2nd Anniversary Jubilee, taking place on Saturday February 4th from 12:00 noon to 4:00 PM. According to the announcement in the latest Nita newsletter, “2 is the theme this year with $2 drinks and $2 birthday stubbies for take home and more than 2 great prizes.” Watch for more details to be announced soon on the Facebook event listing.

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