Sawdust City Releasing Crack a Window Experimental Pale Ale

GRAVENHURST, ONSawdust City Brewing has announced the release of a new beer that is the first to use a pair of experimental hop strains.

Crack a Window Experimental Pale Ale is a 5.8% abv ale described as follows:

Brewed in collaboration with Indie Ale House, Scott Labs Canada and Crosby Hop Farms. This Pale Ale is the first commercial beer to use the experimental hop varieties Idaho #4 and Idaho #6. It leads with floral hop aromas and a touch of citrus. The flavour starts with a wallop of orange pith and grapefruit followed by a honey middle and bracing-bitter finish.

Crack a Window will be released tomorrow (January 26th) in 473 ml cans at the Sawdust City retail store. It will also be available at select beer bars in Ontario while supplies last.

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