St. Mary Axe Debuts with Canadian Best Bitter

TORONTO, ONOntario Beverage Network reports that a new Toronto-based contract brewer has launched with a new beer created by a respected veteran of the world’s brewing scene.

St. Mary Axe has been founded by Steve Dobronyi and Christine Haselmayer, who explain the name as follows:

St. Mary Axe was a medieval church in the old City of London, England. The church was demolished in the 1500’s but the name survives as the street that it formerly occupied. Today, it boasts some of the most modern architecture in the world. St. Mary Axe typifies the dichotomy of our beer – old and new, traditional and modern.

The company’s first release is Canadian Best Bitter, a 4.6% abv ale that has been developed by renowned British brewmaster Alan Pugsley. Currently being brewed under contract in London, Ontario, it’s described as having “a medium copper hue, flavours of caramel and light toast with a dry finish.”

Canadian Best Bitter is on tap now at The Westerly in Toronto, with more locations expected to follow soon. It will also be available in 473 ml cans and select Beer Store and LCBO locations in coming months.

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