Wooden Horse Brewing Debuts in Ontario

NIAGARA-ON-THE-LAKE, ON – A new contract brewery based out of Ontario’s Niagara Region has announced its launch with a trio of beers.

Wooden Horse Brewing has been founded by Brad Barta and Matt Cloyd, with Barta brewing the beers at a Niagara-area brewery where he works.

The company is entering the market with three brands – Irish Session Stout (4.7% abv/33 IBU), Bavarian IPA (5.3% abv/62 IBU), and Northern Pilsner (5% abv/32 IBU) – that are collectively called the “Heritage Series”.

All three Wooden Horse beers are rolling out now, and will be on tap soon at select bars and pubs in the Niagara and Toronto areas.

For more details, see the Wooden Horse Brewing Facebook page.

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