Rainhard Brews Beer With Leftover Bread for Trashed & Wasted Charity Event

TORONTO, ON – A one-off beer made with an unusual ingredient has been created by Rainhard Brewing for an upcoming event that is dedicated to “rethinking food waste, repurposing trash, and reclaiming refuse.”

Trashed & Wasted – a “celebration of the sustenance, beauty, and benefits of what was once simply trashed and wasted” – will be taking place on the evening of Wednesday March 1st at Wychwood Barns (76 Wychwood Ave, Toronto).

Attendees can expect to enjoy and explore the following:

Innovative chefs will be paired with with ethically-minded suppliers to create dishes from rescued food. Local brewers, distillers, and drinks experts will be challenged to concoct libations from repurposed ingredients. Local artists and designers will create booths from disposed and found objects. Local musical groups will share exciting ways to repurpose instruments.

For Rainhard’s contribution to the event, the brewery has crafted an ale made with leftover bread from Blackbird Bakery that was toasted before bring added to the mash. Other beverages will include a “milk vodka” spirit made with whey from Monforte Dairy, and if it is licensed in time, a new cider made with apples from abandoned orchards.

Tickets to Trashed & Wasted are available online, and proceeds from the evening will be donated to the food rescue and redistribution organisation Second Harvest Toronto.

For more details, see the Trashed & Wasted Facebook page and Twitter feed.

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