Unfiltered Brewing Commissar Russian Imperial Stout Coming This Week

HALIFAX, NSUnfiltered Brewing has announced the upcoming release of limited edition beer that is a revival of a brand brewer Greg Nash originally created during his time at the Hart & Thistle Brewpub.

Commissar Russian Imperial Stout is described as follows:

Aged on oak since fall (and then conditioned in the cold liquor tank for months, there’s ingenuity!), and fortified with Halifax Distilling Co‘s J.D. Shore Black Rum, this year’s outrageously delicious rebirth of a Nash classic should have been subtitled “Rum Cake.” It’s slightly sweet, full of dark fruit, and has hints of bitter chocolate, and you need it! At 11.6%, the Commissar is in charge! Drink while seated. Fuck heavy machinery: do not operate any machinery!

Commissar Russian Imperial Stout will be released on Friday February 24th, and will be available in 500 ml bottles and growler fills at the Unfiltered retail store, and on tap in the brewery’s Charm School Pub while supplies last.

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