Henderson Brewing Releasing Rube Goldbeer Charity Brew for Toronto Playgrounds Baseball

TORONTO, ONHenderson Brewing has announced the release of a new beer that will be raising funds to support a local baseball league.

Rube Goldbeer is an 8% abv Belgian-inspired strong ale named in honour of the Rube Goldberg machine mounted behind the bar in the Henderson taproom, which will play a key role in the charity promotion:

This machine uses an overly complex number of steps to open and pour a beer. For $20 the machine is loaded with a bottle of Rube Goldbeer and set off on its 42 second operation, culminating in a glass of beer for the patron at the end. For each run of the machine, $10 is donated to Toronto Playgrounds House-League Baseball with the goal of raising money to install new lights at Christie Pits.

Rube Goldbeer will be officially launched tomorrow (March 3rd) at 6:00 PM, with representatives of Henderson and Toronto Playgrounds on hand to demonstrate the machine in action and share samples of the beer.

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