Innis & Gunn and Teeling Whiskey Release Kith & Kin Barrel-Aged Stout

TORONTO, ON – The Canadian branch of Scotland’s Innis & Gunn has announced details of its latest limited edition brand to be released in Canada.

Kith & Kin Barrel-Aged Stout is a 5.8% abv Scottish stout that has been aged in barrels from Dublin’s Teeling Whiskey distillery, and is described as follows:

Kith & Kin is Scots for ‘friends & family’ and is symbolic of the spirit of the collaboration between the two craft pioneers. The stout has been aged in barrels formerly used to mature Teeling’s flagship Small Batch Irish Whiskey, producing a rich flavour packed beer with a big hit of dark chocolate, coffee and treacle with hints of vanilla and spice.

The Innis & Gunn brewing team developed the stout to specifically complement the flavours drawn out from the Irish whiskey barrels. Unlike the toasted oak characteristics from Scotch whisky barrels, Irish whiskey barrels deliver a much lighter and sweeter flavour. Drinkers will discover coconut and vanilla flavours accompanied with spicy notes when they sip Kith & Kin.

Kith & Kin is available now in 330 ml bottles at select beer and liquor retailers in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, New Brunswick,
Newfoundland, Ontario and Saskatchewan. For more details on availability and pricing, check with local retailers.

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