Muddy York Brings Back Roller Boat IPA

TORONTO, ONMuddy York Brewing has announced the return of a limited seasonal release that has a name inspired by one of the strangest vessels to ever float on the waters of Lake Ontario.

Roller Boat IPA is a 6.5% abv and 60 IBU with the following back story:

This beer was named after a bizarre cigar-shaped vessel from the late nineteenth century meant to glide over waves thus reducing sea-sickness. The Roller Boat raised many eyebrows with its giant paddle and stationary inner cabin. Sadly we can’t say that the Roller Boat succeeded to revolutionize water travel, as it was abandoned and remains buried under what was once Toronto’s shoreline.

As for the beer behind the name, the brewery promises that it “will take you for a ride into the citrusy world of beautiful west coast hops.”

Roller Boat IPA is available now in 500 ml bottles at the Muddy York retail store and on draught at select bars and pubs in Toronto.

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