Purple Skull Brewing Launches with Purple Pale Ale

MATTAWA, ON – A new company focused on beers brewed with a unique and distinctive ingredient has launched its first brand.

Purple Skull Brewing has been founded by the daughter-father team of Billie-Jo and Shawn LePage to release beers made with the addition of purple corn, an ancient crop that they describe as follows:

Hundreds of years ago, the purple corn crop was thought to be sacred by the ancient Incan civilization. It was very prominent in ceremonies and offered to the gods during rituals and sacrifices. It’s been used as a natural dye for food and drinks all throughout history. The intense pigment comes from the corn’s high content of anthocyanin.

The first purple corn infused beer to be offered by Purple Skull is Purple Pale Ale, a 4% abv session ale created by the LePages and brewmaster Brian Wilson of Highlander Brew Co. where the beer is being brewed under contract.

Purple Pale Ale is currently available in 473 ml cans at the Highlander retail store, and will soon be distributed to licensees in several Ontario regions including North Bay, Mattawa, Georgian Bay, Barrie, Ottawa, and the GTA.

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