Sawdust City Brings Back The Princess Wears Girl Pants

GRAVENHURST, ONSawdust City Brewing has announced the return of a seasonal favourite with a strange name and a hard-to-define style.

The Princess Wears Girl Pants is a 9% abv and 35 IBU “Muskokan Saison” that brewmaster Sam Corbeil created for a pair of friends, in which “one enjoyed hoppy ales and the other enjoyed Belgian ales and saisons.”

As he further describes it:

To me, a saison is more than just a style of beer, it’s a beer brewed to represent a specific place and a specific time. The Princess Wears Girl Pants is about our hometown, about our friends, and about our history.  It’s also about spring and summer. It represents that time of year where you can get outside enjoy the bounty of nature with the ones closest to you. And because this is beer that doesn’t fit any particular style, but still says so much about who we are, we decided to own the name and define it how we wanted: A Muskokan Saison.

The Princess Wears Girl Pants will be available starting Thursday March 3oth in cans and on tap at the Sawdust City retail shop and taproom, and soon after at select beer bars in Ontario.

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