Loyalist City Adds a New England Influence to One Hop IPA Series

SAINT JOHN, NBThe Atlantic Canada Beer Blog reports that Loyalist City Brewing has tweaked the base recipe for its One Hop Series of single hop IPAs, shifting them toward the New England IPA sub-style that has become quite popular in the last few years.

According to the brewery’s announcement on Facebook:

We were finally able to line up a reliable supply of the infamous “Vermont” yeast strain, and will now be using it to ferment all our hop series beer. The Vermont strain produces a fruity ester profile reminiscent of peaches and light citrus that complements the hop profile in American and New World IPAs nicely. However, what this strain is undoubtedly best known for is the resulting cloudiness in the beer that follows when hops are added during primary fermentation resulting in the classic New England IPA appearance. We have also bumped up the alcohol content and hopping rates in our hop series to produce a beer with more body and increased hop flavor and aroma.

The first release using the new base recipe is Summer, an Australian hop derived from Saaz that features notes of citrus and stone fruit. The 5.5% abv and 65 IBU ale is on tap now at select bars in Saint John and area.

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