Bud Light Radler Makes Exclusive Debut in Canada

TORONTO, ONLabatt Breweries has announced details of a new spin-off to the popular Bud Light brand that is being released exclusively in Canada.

Bud Light Radler is a 2.4% abv blend of light lager and fruit juice that is being touted as “a refreshing drink for the summer with the mouthwatering taste of grapefruit.”

To help mark the launch of Bud Light Radler, Labatt and Taste Toronto will be presenting the Bud Light Radler Brunch Fest, featuring “brunch staples from the city’s top restaurants along with classic brunch cocktails, with a beer twist.” The 19+ event will be taking place the weekend of May 26th to 28th at 99 Sudbury in Toronto.

For more details, see the Bud Light Canada website, and the Bud Light Radler Brunch Fest website.

NOTE: An earlier version of this post indicated that Bud Light Radler was being released in Canada in advance of a roll-out in other countries. It has since been confirmed that it will be an exclusive to Canada.

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