Winners Announced for Ontario Brewing Awards 2017

TORONTO, ON – The winners of the 2017 Ontario Brewing Awards (OBAs) were announced earlier this evening during an event attended by beer industry professionals and media at The Great Hall in Toronto.

The winners were chosen from a pool of 681 beers submitted by 125 breweries from across the province, with BJCP-certified judges awarding Gold, Silver and Bronze winners in 48 categories based on blind tastings.

The evening also featured an announcement that ownership of the OBAs has been taken over by TAPS Media – owners of the Canadian Brewing Awards – starting with next year’s edition.

The full list of winners for the 2017 OBAs is as follows:

Gold: Cool Beer Brewing Company – Stonewall Light
Silver: StoneHammer Brewing – StoneHammer Session Lager
Bronze: Brock St. Brewing Company – Brock Street Blonde
Standard Lager
Gold: Cool Beer Brewing Company – Cool Lager
Silver: Old Flame Brewing Co. – Old Flame Blonde – Helles Style Lager
Bronze: Brick Brewing Co. – LandShark Lager
Craft Lager
Gold: Creemore Springs Brewery – Lot 9 Pilsner
Silver: Kichesippi Beer Co. – Heller Highwater
Bronze: Junction Craft Brewing – Trainspotter Helles Lager
German Pilsner
Gold: Sleeman Breweries – Silver Creek Lager
Silver: Junction Craft Brewing – Local Option Lager
Bronze: Mill Street Brewery – Snowdrop Pilsner
Bohemian Pilsner
Gold: Mill Street Brewery – Pilsner Lager
Silver: Thornbury Village Craft Brewery – Pickup Truck Pilsner
Bronze: Brock St. Brewing Company – Premium Pilsner
Amber Lager
Gold: Hop City Brewing Co. – Barking Squirrel Lager
Silver: Cool Beer Brewing Company – Millennium Buzz
Bronze: Lake Wilcox Brewing Co. – Mad Quacker
Oktoberfest / Marzen
Gold: Royal City Brewing Co. – Oktoberfest Lager
Silver: Longslice Brewery – Loose Lips Lager
Bronze: Innocente Brewing Company – No Marzen for Eror
Dark Lager
Gold: The Napanee Beer Company – Blacklist Black German Lager
Silver: Cameron’s Brewing Co. – Black Forest Dark Lager
Bronze: Kame & Kettle Beer Works – Schwarz
Gold: Amsterdam Brewing Company – Spring Bock
Silver: Louis Cifer Brew Works – Beelzebock Traditional Bock
Bronze: Junction Craft Brewery – DESTRUCTOR Series #3 Winter Bock
Gold: Cameron’s Brewing Co. – Deviator Doppelbock
Silver: Tooth and Nail Brewing Company – Invigorator
Bronze: Muskoka Brewery – Sweet Shiver
Honey Beer
Gold: Not Awarded
Silver: 5 Paddles Brewing Co. – Home Sweet Home
Bronze: Bayside Brewing Company – Honey Cream Ale
Gold: Brasserie Tuque de Broue Brewery Inc. – Barbe Blonde
Silver: Kichesippi Beer Co. – Hefeweizen
Bronze: Big Rig Brewery – Big Boot
Gold: Lake Wilcox Brewing Co. – Dunkel Weiss
Silver: Smithavens Brewing Company – Dunkelweizen
Bronze: Muskoka Brewery – Winterweiss
Gold: Louis Cifer Brew Works – Witcraft Belgian Wheat
Silver: Stone City Ales – Windward Belgian Wheat
Bronze: New Limburg Brewing Co. – Wit
Herb / Spice Beer
Gold: Nickel Brook Brewing Co. – Cuvée
Silver: 5 Paddles Brewing Co. – Italian Backyard
Bronze: FRANK Brewing Co. – Honey Habanero
Farmhouse Blonde
Gold: Cameron’s Brewing Co. – New Wood Brett Saison
Silver: Stone City Ales – Lady Jane
Bronze: Amsterdam Brewing Company – Reserve Saison
Farmhouse Dark
Gold: The Exchange Brewery – Oud Bruin
Silver: The Exchange Brewery – Flanders Red Ale
Bronze: Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery – Brown Town Sour Brown
Lagered Ale
Gold: Lost Craft Brewing Co. – Revivale
Silver: Cameron’s Brewing Co. – Cosmic Cream Ale
Bronze: Big Rock Brewery – Rhine Stone Cowboy Kölsch Style Ale
Blonde Ale
Gold: Collective Arts Brewing – Saint of Circumstance
Silver: Redline Brewhouse – 5:01
Bronze: Orange Snail Brewers – Iron Pig
British Pale Ale
Gold: Muskoka Brewery – Cream Ale
Silver: Niagara College Teaching Brewery – Beer 101: Bitter
Bronze: Junction Craft Brewery – Conductor’s Craft Ale
American Pale Ale
Gold: Great Lakes Brewery – The Brewers IPA (Independent Pale Ale)
Silver: Amsterdam Brewing Company – Cruiser All Day Pale Ale
Bronze: Mill Street Brewery – Welterweight Session IPA
British India Pale Ale
Gold: Longslice Brewery – Hopsta La Vista
Silver: Crooked Mile Brewing – Standing Stone
Bronze: High Park Brewery – Off the Leash
American India Pale Ale
Gold: Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery – Juicy Ass IPA
Silver: Rainhard Brewing Co. – Lazy Bones
Bronze: Muddy York Brewing Co. – Roller Boat I.P.A
Imperial IPA
Gold: Louis Cifer Brew Works – Imperial IPA
Silver: Rainhard Brewing Co. – Hop Cone Syndrome
Bronze: Amsterdam Brewing Company – Fracture Imperial IPA
Dark IPA
Gold: Not Awarded
Silver: Lake Wilcox Brewing Co. – Black Hops IPA
Bronze: Big Rig Brewery – Release The Hounds
Amber Ale
Gold: Henderson Brewing Company – Henderson’s Best
Silver: Kichesippi Beer Co. – 1855
Bronze: The Exchange Brewery – Amber Ale
Gold: Old Tomorrow – TRACK 85™ Lagered Ale
Silver: Abe Erb Brewing Company – Alterior Motive Altbier
Bronze: Not Awarded
English Brown Ale
Gold: Wellington Brewery – County Dark Ale
Silver: Granite Brewery & Tied House – Peculiar
Bronze: Barnstormer Brewing & Distilling Company – Billy Bishop Brown Ale
American Brown Ale
Gold: Left Field Brewery – Eephus
Silver: The Publican House Brewery – Henry’s Irish Ale
Bronze: Wellington Brewery – (Extra) Terrestrial Imperial IBA
Gold: Junction Craft Brewing – Hey, PORTER!
Silver: Clifford Brewing Co. – Clifford Porter
Bronze: Innocente Brewing Company – Charcoal Porter
Gold: Railway City Brewing Co. – Black Coal Stout
Silver: Muskoka Brewery – Shinnicked Stout
Bronze: Abe Erb Brewing Company – Men In Night Stout
Milk Stout
Gold: Rainhard Brewing – Sweetback’s
Silver: Walkerville Brewery – Easy Stout
Bronze: Big Rig Brewery – Midnight Kissed My Cow
Imperial Stout
Gold: Walkerville Brewery- Russian Imperial Stout
Silver: Nickel Brook Brewing Co. – Bolshevik Bastard
Bronze: 5 Paddles Brewing Co. – Midnight Paddler
Flavoured Stout
Gold: Chocolate Cherry Stout
Silver: Nickel Brook Brewing Co. – Café Del Bastardo
Bronze: Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery – Aurora Heart Chocolate Raspberry Stout
Flavoured Porter
Gold: Not Awarded
Silver: Abe Erb Brewing Co. – Abe’s Smoked Porter
Bronze: Forked River Brewing Company – Full City Porter
Fruit Beer
Gold: Nickel Brook Brewing Co. – Raspberry Uber
Silver: The Blue Elephant Craft Brew House – Summer Harvest Strawberry Lager
Bronze: The Napanee Brewing Company – Chivalrous
Vegetable Beer
Gold: Not Awarded
Silver: Big Rig Brewery – Tales From The Patch
Bronze: MacKinnon Brothers Brewing Co. – Red Fox Summer Ale
Barrel Aged – Whisky
Gold: Amsterdam Brewing Company – Double Tempest
Silver: Nickel Brook Brewing Co. – Kentucky Bastard
Bronze: Tooth and Nail Brewing Company – Fortissimo
Barrel Aged – Red Wine
Gold: Innocente Brewing Company – Drunkard’s Cloak
Silver: Redline Brewhouse – Series 1
Bronze: Great Lakes Brewery – Barrel-Aged Belgian Style Quad with Cherries
Barrel Aged – White Wine
Gold: Forked River Brewing Company – The Oracle
Silver: Calabogie Brewing Co. – Grassy: Saison
Bronze: Amsterdam Brewing Company – Superstition
Gold: Cameron’s Brewing Co. – Bamberg Castle Smoked Ale
Silver: Mill Street Brewery – Rauchbier
Bronze: Rhythm & Brews Brewing Company – Set The World On Fire
Belgian Style Dubbel
Gold: New Limburg Brewing Company – Dubbel
Silver: Descendants Beer & Beverage Co. – DeWulfe
Bronze: Redline Brewhouse – Brother Douglas
Belgian Style Quadrupel
Gold: The Napanee Brewing Company – Redacted: These Monstrous Things
Silver: Brock St. Brewing Company – Danger Lies Ahead
Bronze: Bell City Brewing Co. – Black Tie Affair
Belgian Style Tripel
Gold: Rhythm & Brews Brewing Co. – Signed in Tripel
Silver: Henderson Brewing Co. – Rube Goldbeer
Bronze: Not Awarded
Belgian Style IPA
Gold: Redline Brewhouse – Sprung!
Silver: Shacklands Brewing Co. – Farmhouse IPA
Bronze: Batch – Belgian White IPA
Scotch Ale
Gold: Amsterdam Brewing Company – Iona Scotch Ale
Silver: Walkerville Brewery – Scotch Ale
Bronze: Granite Brewery – Lady Macbeth Scotch Ale
Barley Wine
Gold: Cameron’s Brewing Co. – Where The Buffalo Roam
Silver: Mill Street Brewery – Barley Wine
Bronze: Cameron’s Brewing Co. – Early Bird Breakfast
Best of Show
Gold: Lost Craft Brewing Co. – Revivale
Silver: Cameron’s Brewing Co. – New Wood Brett Saison
Bronze: Junction Craft Brewery – Hey, PORTER!
Newcomer of the Year
The Napanee Brewing Co.
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