Dageraad Brewing Brings Back Randonneur Saison

BURNABY, BCDageraad Brewing has announced the 3rd annual vintage of an award-winning seasonal saison that they admit “isn’t what most drinkers think of when they think of saison.”

Randonneur Saison is a “spicy, hoppy, very effervescent and bone-dry” saison that has been brewed and fermented in a more traditional manner than the sweetier and fruitier takes on the style that have become common in recent years.

It’s somewhat humourously described as follows:

We ferment Randonneur at high temperatures with an unstoppable yeast strain that renders it very dry, and yet imparts a fruity nose. We dry-hop it with herbaceous European hops to give it a whiff of the farmer’s field. Then we ferment it again, this time through bottle conditioning, allowing us to reach the carbonation level proper to saison beer. If you’re looking for a full-bodied beer that tastes sweetly of apricots and avoids boisterous carbonation that might offend your tongue or nose, we emphatically advise you against buying Randonneur Saison.

Randonneur Saison was released late last week in a limited run of 650 ml bottles, available at the Dageraad retail store and select private liquor stores in British Columbia while supplies last.

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