Red Thread Brewing Launches Barrel-Aged Series with Cabernet and French Oak Editions

TORONTO, ON – Red Thread Brewing has announced the release of two new barrel-aged beers – or more accurately, the same beer aged in two different barrels – to launch a new limited edition series.

The two versions of Red Thread Barrel Series No. 1 are described as follows:

Using Ontario grown, two-row barley malted by the legendary Barn Own Malt, paired with Lot 17 Hallertau Hops results in an ultra-clean canvas to showcase the influence of barrel aging. This well lagered ale was sentenced to 6 months in barrels. Barrel 1, a California Cabernet Sauvignon from Honig Winery, shows pinkish hues and subtle grape tartness as primary influences from this second use barrel. Barrel 2, made from virgin toasted French Oak, offers hints of vanilla & tannin, reminiscent of a well oaked Chardonnay.

Both editions are available now in individually signed and numbered 750 ml swing-top bottles, which can be ordered by contacting Red Thread at or (416) 999-8487.

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