Beau’s Releasing Tom Green Summer Stout This Week

VANKLEEK HILL, ONBeau’s All Natural Brewing has announced details of a seasonal variation on The Tom Green Beer Milk Stout that will be released tomorrow (June 8th).

Tom Green Summer Stout is a 5% abv and 27 IBU golden ale infused with coffee, cacao nibs, and lactose, and is described as follows:

The Tom Green Summer Stout is brewed using a light-roast barley malt and flaked oats, as well as lactose, the sugar that gives milk stouts their signature character of mild sweetness. The beer is aged on cacao nibs and a medium-roast fairtrade organic coffee from Ottawa’s Bridgehead Roastery. The resulting blonde milk stout is an intriguing juxtaposition of appearance and experience, infusing a brilliant, clear golden ale with stout-like aromas of coffee and cacao. Mocha flavour notes are supplemented by subtle berry nuances, and the finish is mildly sweet and lingering.

Beau’s Tom Green Summer Stout will be available starting tomorrow at the Beau’s retail store and BYBO delivery service, and at select retail locations in Ontario and Quebec, as well as on tap at craft beer friendly bars and restaurants. A release in Alberta and BC will follow later in the summer.

The brewery also notes that the original Tom Green Beer will be going on hiatus for the summer, so “fans of “Tom Green Classic” are advised to stock up on remaining supplies”.

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