Calgary’s Summit Brewing Launches with Finnigan’s Irish Pale Ale

CALGARY, ABOn Beer reports that a new brewery being launched by the owner of a local liquor import agency has released its first brand in Calgary.

Summit Brewing (not to be confused with the American brewery of the same name) has been founded by Troy Kamphuis-Finnigan, who is currently having beer contract brewed at Half Hitch Brewing to build brand awareness before opening a bricks-and-mortar operation.

Summit’s first brand is Finnigan’s Irish Pale Ale, which Kamphuis-Finnigan describes as follows:

I import a lot and spend a lot of time in Ireland, touring microbreweries around there. I like the American Pale Ale style, but I also like the nuances in Irish beer – they are drier on palate. I wanted the hop aromatics, but not the bitterness. I also wanted a dry, sharp mouthfeel.

Finnigan’s Irish Pale Ale is currently on tap at select bars in Calgary and Edmonton. Other brands including Rocky Mountain Lager and Finnigan’s Irish Red are planned to follow later this year. and Kamphuis-Finnigan hopes to have the physical brewery up and running by the end of 2018.

For more details, see the full On Beer article.

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