MorningStar & Night Owl Announced as Callister Partner Brewers for 2017-18

VANCOUVER, BC – MorningStar Brewing and Night Owl Brewing have been announced as the latest partners at Callister Brewing, a Vancouver brewery that operates under a unique business model described as a “hybrid of co-op and contract brewing.”

Callister is owned by Chris Lay and Diana McKenzie, a duo who are brewing their own line-up of beers and sodas, but who also share the space with three other brewers, allowing them to sign on for year-long terms at the facility.

Night Owl and MorningStar both released their inaugural limited batch beers – EarlyRiser Belgian ISA and Side Hustle IPA respectively – at Callister earlier this month, and are ramping up production for official launches over the summer.

The new partners are replacing Boombox Brewing and Lightheart Brewing, who are finishing up their 2016-17 terms now. The third partner, Real Cask – traditional cask ales by Adam Chatburn – appears to have signed on for another year.

For more details, see the Callister Brewing website and Facebook page.

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