Collective Arts & Nickel Brook Ending Partnership in Arts & Science Brewery

HAMILTON, ONCollective Arts Brewing has announced that it will be taking on sole ownership of the Arts & Science Brewery in Hamilton, ending its partnership in the facility with Nickel Brook Brewing after two years.

In a press release issued earlier today, Collective Arts indicated that it is “committed to completing a larger taproom and hospitality centre to turn the Hamilton brewery into a true destination for beer, art, and music.” The statement also notes that Collective Arts will “continue to brew for Nickel Brook for the next two years”, and that Ryan Morrow will remain in his role as brewmaster for both companies.

Reached for comment following the Collective Arts announcement, Nickel Brook representative Matt Gibson clarified that the two companies will be “operating the facility jointly for the next two years” while Nickel Brook builds “a new destination facility in the Niagara region.”

The original Nickel Brook facility in Burlington is expected to continue to operate as usual, with a continued focus on sour and wild ales. Further details on Nickel Brook’s future plans are to be announced next week.

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