Jasper Brewing Releases Crisp Pils for Canada 150

JASPER, ABJasper Brewing has announced the release of a new beer to mark Canada’s 150th birthday, and one that has much wider distribution than is typical for the small brewpub in Jasper National Park.

Crisp Pils is a 4.8% abv and 34 IBU golden lager that Alberta beer blog The Daily Beer describes as follows:

It pours a brilliantly clear gold, with a loose white head that slowly drops away. If you sniff it straight away after pouring, you get a hint of sulphur from the Bohemian lager yeast which quickly blows off. Other big hits to the nose include lightly toasted, cracker-like graininess, and a grassy and spicy hop aroma. Light fruitiness coming through from the Hallertau Blanc follows up the initial hops. It has a medium to full mouthfeel, with a really smooth finish with not a hint of astringency. That assertive bitterness builds as you take sip after sip, and finishes with a good level of when-you-belch-you-can-taste-hops tanginess. This is a really well-balanced German-style pilsner. It is bitter – but also has some incredible malty complexity.

In order to release Crisp Pils across Alberta, Jasper Brewing has contracted Big Rock Brewery in Calgary to brew and package it in 355 ml cans. It can be found now at select liquor stores and bars throughout the province, including all locations of the Bear Hill Brewing chain of brewpubs that Jasper Brewing is part of.

For more details, see the full Daily Beer article about Jasper Crisp Pils, and the Jasper Brewing website.

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