Molson Coors to Replace Historic Montreal Brewery with New Facility

MONTREAL, QCCBC News reports that Molson Coors Canada is planning to build a new brewing facility in the Montreal area in lieu of refurbishing its current brewery on Notre-Dame Street, the site where Molson was founded in 1786.

François Lefebvre, director of corporate affairs for Molson Coors Canada, tells CBC that based on a two-year feasibility study, the company has decided that “build[ing] a new brewery would be more effective for us and that would also answer all the consumer demand in the future.” The cost of the new build is expected to reach “hundreds of millions of dollars.”

Lefebvre also notes that the new factory won’t be located in downtown Montreal, as there is no suitable space available, but it’s hoped that land can be found “on the Montreal island or around Montreal, in the suburbs of Montreal on the South Shore or North Shore.”

As for the current brewery in Old Montreal, Molson Coors intends to retain a portion of the facility for a small batch brewery and retail store, with the remainder expected to be sold for redevelopment.

For more details, see the full CBC News article.

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