Northern Biscuit Bakery Launches Craft Beer Snacks For Dogs

CONCORD, ON – Northern Biscuit Bakery, a company that has been creating healthy snacks and treats for dogs for 25 years, has announced the release of a new product with a craft beer connection.

Craft Beer Snacks For Dogs are all-natural dog cookies described as follows:

We are helping to recycle leftover spent grain during the brewing process from a local Ontario brewery by mixing it in with our popular Peanut Crunch biscuits for an amazing, nutty aroma in addition to the health benefits of fibre and essential amino acids that it provides. Beer lovers will be able to enjoy their beverage along with their dog, and it’s also a nice healthy snack that is wheat free, free of artificial preservatives, made with limited ingredients, and low calorie.

Craft Beer Snacks For Dogs are available now via the Northern Biscuit online store, selling for $6.99 per 190 gram package.

For more details, see the Northern Biscuit Facebook page.

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