Stillwell Brewing Launching Today With Release of Stilly Pils

HALIFAX, NS – The brewery off-shoot of Halifax craft beer bar Stillwell is set to release its first beer, in a style may be a surprise to those expecting the “dry, balanced, drinkable, table-friendly farmhouse” beers mentioned in the original announcement earlier this year.

As reported by the Atlantic Canada Beer Blog, the inaugural offering from Stillwell Brewing is Stilly Pils, which is described as follows:

Stilly Pils is a deep, rugged and unfiltered Pilsner that will stand in contrast to the craft Pilsners we know and love in our region. Continental Pilsner and the tiniest touch of Melanoidin in the grist provide a clean and classic base into which copious amounts of Noble Saaz and German Hersbrucker hops were poured, first bittering to the tune of 38 IBU, then a “wallop” in the whirlpool, and finally a “hefty” dry hopping. Brewed three months ago, after primary fermentation, it underwent a long maturation process at 6°C, with a final cold lagering period before packaging. We’re told that it’s very crisp and dry, with a prominent spicy and herbaceous hop presence and just a bit of lemony citrus.

Stilly Pils will be making its debut today (July 25th) at Stillwell and the Stillwell Beer Garden, and it will be available exclusively at both locations while supplies last.

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