Canada Malting Company Launching Alberta Heritage Select Malt

CALGARY, AB – Canada Malting Company has announced the launch of a new malt produced from an heirloom barley grown in Alberta, with several local breweries set to release commemorative beers brewed with the malt.

Alberta Heritage Select Malt is produced using Olli, a heirloom barley variety that has been grown by the family-owned Kozack Farms since it was homesteaded in the Clear Hills of Northern Alberta in the 1930s.

“Alberta Heritage Select Malt has a delicate flavor, full of malty sweetness and a touch more colour than a modern Pilsen malt,” says Matt Letki, national sales manager for Canada Malting Company. “Its character is a perfect match for lighter German-style beers such as a Pils or Kölsch, as well as a wide-range of beer styles when combined with other specialty malts.”

Alberta Heritage Select Malt will be officially launched on Thursday August 10th with an event starting at 6:00 PM at Last Best Brewing & Distilling in Calgary. A beer and vodka made with the malt by Last Best will be available to taste, along with commemorative beers from Big RockCommon Crown, and Hell’s Basement.

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