Brewery & Pub Planned for Former Train Station in Summerside

SUMMERSIDE, PEThe Journal-Pioneer reports that a Summerside restaurateur has announced plans to open a brewery and pub in one of the city’s landmark buildings.

Alex Clark, owner of OpenEats in downtown Summerside, has purchased the former railway station located just down the block from the restaurant, and plans to start work on converting it into a brewery this autumn.

The 90-year-old building at the corner of Water and Granville Streets fell into disuse following the shutdown of rail service on Prince Edward Island in the 1980s, but was reopened in the 1990s as a public library funded by the local Rotary Club. The building served this purpose for more than 20 years until the library’s move to a new location in late 2016 led to the city putting it up for sale.

While no timelines have been announced for the project, Clark has indicated that he plans to get the brewery up and running first, with distribution of the beer to local restaurants and events. The addition of an onsite pub will follow.

For more details, see the full Journal-Pioneer article.

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