Bushwakker Releasing Rhubarb Red Fife Witbier for Motherwell Homestead

REGINA, SK – Bushwakker Brewpub in partnership with Parks Canada has announced that a beer brewed in the last two summers to honour a local historic attraction is back again for another year, this time with a new twist.

Motherwell Rhubarb Red Fife Witbier is named after the Motherwell Homestead, a National Historic Site south of Abernethy that preserves the agricultural lifestyle of the early 1900s in commemoration of William Richard Motherwell, a local politician who served as agriculture minister in both the provincial and federal governments of the time.

The Belgian-style wheat ale has been brewed with Red Fife wheat, an historic strain that has been revived in recent years and is rarely used in beer making. New to the recipe this year is rhubarb juice from Living Sky Winery, an addition inspired by the fact that William Motherwell abstained from alcohol and preferred rhubarb tea.

A preview firkin of the beer will be tapped at Bushwakker this Friday August 18th at 5:30 PM, with representatives from the Motherwell Homestead on hand in period dress.

The official launch will follow on Saturday August 26th at the Homestead as part of a day of celebrations that will include Threshing Day, a Field to Fork Festival, a Symphony Under The Sky performance by the Regina Symphony Orchestra, and more.

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