Kensington Brewing Company Opening Today in Toronto

TORONTO, ON – More than six years after it launched as a contract brewery, and over four years since plans for a physical location were first announced, Kensington Brewing Company will be finally opening its retail shop today (August 15th) in Toronto’s Kensington Market.

Located at 299 Augusta Ave., the shop will be selling 650 ml bottles of seven brands at opening including Nasch Vienna Lager (5.3% abv), Leavened Belgian Kettle Sour (5% abv), Bonne Faim Belgian Tripel (8% abv), Wagon Jobber Wheat IPA (5.4% abv), Gamelle Grisette (4.6% abv), In the Weeds West Coast IPA (5.9% abv), and the first house-brewed batch of Fisheye IPA (6.5%) which has been “tweaked with a fresher West Coast style hop profile and slightly dialled back malt character.”

Kensington Brewing will be open from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM today. Ongoing business hours as well as the opening date for the brewery’s taproom have yet to be announced.

For more details, see the Kensington Brewing Facebook page.

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