Bench Creek Releases Rusted Sickle Roggenbier

YELLOWHEAD COUNTY, AB – Bench Creek Brewing has announced the release of the latest in an ongoing series of limited edition draught-only beers.

Rusted Sickle Roggenbier is a 5.7% abv and 19 IBU rye ale described as follows:

An heirloom German ale that predates the Reinheitsgebot, roggenbier traditionally features a substantial portion of rye malt combined with classic continental malt barley, noble hops and weizen yeast. Rusted Sickle boasts robust earthy, spicy and bready rye malt aroma and flavour, reminiscent of fresh pumpernickel bread, with just a hint of sweet caramel for balance. Typical weizen yeast notes of fresh banana, citrus and clove are present though restrained, as lower fermentation temperatures allow the rye character to shine through. Finishes medium-dry, with a tart, almost sour-like quality from the rye that cleanses the palate and perfectly leads into the next sip.

Rusted Sickle is available now in the Bench Creek taproom, and kegs will be distributed to select bars and restaurants starting next week.

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