CAMRA Vancouver Holding “Beer on the Beach” Event to Protest Restrictive Public Drinking Laws

VANCOUVER, BC – Craft beer consumer advocacy group CAMRA Vancouver has announced that it will be hosting an event this weekend to protest Vancouver’s restrictive public drinking laws.

As per a statement released earlier this week by Paddy Treavor, president of CAMRA BC, the organization believes that “responsible consumption of alcohol should be allowed in designated public spaces,” and is intending to coax municipalities in the province to be more liberal in the application of current liquor policies which state that “a public place, or part of it, may be designated, by a bylaw of the municipality or regional district that has jurisdiction over the public place, as a place where liquor may be consumed.”

With this goal in mind, the Vancouver branch of the organization is hosting Beer on the Beach: A Picnic Protest at English Bay on Sunday August 27th from 12:00 noon to 2:00 PM. Details of the event as announced by CAMRA Vancouver president David Perry are as follows:

  • This will be a family friendly event where people will be encouraged to bring their kids, beach games, and some food. There will be no beer for sale or supplied to anyone at the event; but some of us will be bringing a beer to drink responsibly at the event as a form of protest.
  • People are expected to behave intelligently and responsibly.
  • We will be notifying the Vancouver Police Department and they can choose to send officers to oversee it if they so choose.
  • Additionally, we will be notifying media so they can cover the story.
  • The executive team will be present to ensure that things don’t get out of hand and that we leave the place spotless.

For more details, see the full announcement from CAMRA Vancouver, and the Facebook event listing.

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