Muddy York Releases Resistance Dry Hopped Lager

TORONTO, ONMuddy York Brewing has announced the release of a new beer featuring branding that breaks from the brewery’s usual historical Toronto themes to present a more current political message.

Resistance Dry Hopped Lager is a 5.2% abv and 18 IBU lager described as “the baby brother of our Gaslight Helles Lager [which] presents light and malty on the tongue followed by a citrusy kick courtesy of our old friend Sorachi Ace Hops.”

Regarding the name and label, it’s best described in the release announcement:

We had originally intended to give this new release a different name, but as a direct reaction to the events in Charlottesville, we felt compelled to support causes we believe in. We have clarity in our convictions but don’t always know the correct or most effective way to respond to the cascade of events. So, we’re putting our trust in activists and organizations who are already doing work on the front lines of these issues who are too often on the receiving end of the tyranny that seeks to deny the progress of social, economic and environmental justice.

Though we are appalled by the ongoing crises in the US, Canada is certainly not immune to clashes of culture, race, or economics. That is why we are opting to donate part of the proceeds from the sales of Resistance Dry Hopped Lager to Idle No More, Black Lives Matter Toronto, LGBT Youthline, and Lifeline Syria.

We recognize that not all of our customers share our political viewpoint. Our aim here is to open civilized dialog and support those members of the community who need all the help they can get.

Resistance Dry Hopped Lager is available now in the Muddy York taproom and retail store.

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