Schoolhouse Brewery Releases Pumpkin Paddler

WINDSOR, NS – Schoolhouse Brewery has announced a new seasonal beer inspired by an iconic event that takes place each autumn in the lake just behind the brewery.

As reported by Maritime Beer Report, Schoolhouse Pumpkin Paddler is being released in honour of the annual Pumpkin Regatta, in which giant pumpkins from Howard Dill’s Pumpkin Farm are hollowed out and used as boats to race on Lake Pisiquid in Windsor.

The 5.7% abv ale is made using “pumpkin puree, whole cinnamon sticks, fresh ginger along with some allspice and a secret spice component,” and is described as “hazy golden orange, sessionable with just the right blend of spices… the perfect beer for a cool autumn day.”

Pumpkin Paddler is available now in bottles and soon at tap at Schoolhouse Brewery, and should be in stock until this year’s Pumpkin Regatta on Sunday October 15th.

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