Nickel Brook Negotiating Purchase of Niagara Region Site for New Brewery

ST. CATHARINES, ONThe St. Catharines Standard reports that Nickel Brook Brewing is in negotiations with Niagara Region to purchase a parcel of land in St. Catharines to build a new brewery.

According to the report, the brewery has submitted an offer of $1 million for an 11-acre property on Lakeshore Road near Seaway Haulage Road, and plans to invest $12 to $16 million to build a 30,000-square-foot brewery, restaurant, and culinary tourist destination, similar to many of the wineries in the area.

The article notes that the offer may be in contravention of a section of the Municipal Act stating that the Region cannot sell municipally owned land below market value, which stands at $1.4 million for the property under consideration. But an additional bylaw stating that land may be sold at less than market value if there is only one potential buyer may provide a loophole that would allow the sale to Nickel Brook to go forward.

This move by Nickel Brook follows the announcement earlier this summer that it was dissolving its partnership with Collective Arts Brewing, and would be leaving the Arts & Science facility in Hamilton that the two companies have shared since 2015.

For more details, see the full St. Catharines Standard article.

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