Cheshire Valley Brewing Announces New Brewer & Releases New Beer

TORONTO, ONOntario Beverage Network reports that contract brewer Cheshire Valley Brewing has brought a new brewer on board, and is marking the occasion with a new beer.

Founder Paul Dickey has announced that Mike Lynn of Black Oak Brewing has taken on the primary brewing role for the company, while Dickey steps back from the day-to-day to serve as a “consultant and brand ambassador”.

The first release from the new partnership is Ariana Single-Hopped Pale Ale, which Lynn describes as follows:

Ariana is an awesome hop for dry-hopping, where its tropical fruit and citrus flavour really start to pop on the palate while still preserving some of the great floral and earthy characteristics that old-world hops are famous for. We kept the bitterness low at 35 IBUs, and also dialed back the crystal malts to avoid the cloying sweetness of some IPAs and Pale Ales. The beer finishes dry, with a hint of bready maltiness.

The new beer will on tap soon at select bars in Toronto and area, as well as at the Cask Days festival.

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