Details Announced for Fall 2017 Beerology Sensory Evaluation Workshop

TORONTO, ON – Master Cicerone and beer educator Mirella Amato has announced the details for the next edition of her Beerology Sensory Evaluation Workshop.

Aimed primarily at “brewers, homebrewers, bar managers and prospective Cicerones,” but open to anyone interested in learning more about off-flavours in beer, the three day workshop is described as follows:

Have you ever had a pint that just didn’t taste right & wondered why it tasted that way? Beerology Sensory Evaluation Workshops are an interactive way to learn about the most common off-flavours that can occur in beer and where they come from. This in-depth workshop will allow participants to familiarize themselves with the mouthfeel, aroma and taste associated with a range of common off-flavours, followed by a discussion on how this off-flavour is introduced to beer and how to best avoid it. The final session allows participants to test their newfound knowledge and off-flavour recognition skills through a blind tasting.

The fall 2017 edition of the BSEW will be taking place on Friday November 24th to Sunday November 26th, starting at 12:00 noon each day, and running for 3 hours on Friday and 2.5 hours on Saturday and Sunday.

Tickets for the full workshop are available now via Eventbrite for $200. Single session tickets will be available for $80 on November 22nd if seats are still available.

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