Evergreen Craft Ales Releases Bread Winner Stout

OTTAWA, ON – Evergreen Craft Ales has announced the release of a new limited edition beer that is “an experiment in reducing food waste”.

Bread Winner Stout is a 4.5% abv and 32 IBU stouts that was brewed using bread that was nearing it’s best before date and was selling for 50% off at the grocery store. As described by the brewery:

We took our delicious Dark is the New Light Stout and replaced 1/3 of the grain bill with bread that we dried out under low heat in the oven. Once the bread was dry enough to crumble we cut it up into chunks and Bread Winner Stout is the delicious result.

While currently a one-off beer, Evergreen is hoping to find a local bakery to partner with as a source of stale and unsold bread that would otherwise go to waste. In the meantime, this initial batch of Bread Winner Stout is available now in 473 ml cans at the brewery.

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