Downeast Beer Factory Shuts Down in Dartmouth

DARTMOUTH, NSAtlantic Canada Beer Blog reports that Downeast Beer Factory, a brewery and restaurant that opened in the spring of 2016 in Dartmouth, has suddenly closed its doors.

According to a tweet from Halifax ReTales on September 28th, the facility at 612 Windmill Road has been “locked for days, no note, not answering phone”. In addition, the Downeast Beer Factory Facebook and Twitter accounts have had no updates since September 20th.

The brewery had a number of issues at time of opening, including equipment failures and the quick departure of original head brewer Rod Daigle, and owner Harold MacKay recently had a lawsuit raised against him by an investor claiming that the “business was never set up to return money to the investors; this was set up as a way to bring income into [MacKay’s] family.”

Its unknown at this time if the facility will be reopening under the same or new ownership, or if the closure will be permanent. Any future developments will be reported here on CBN if or when they come to light.

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