Folly Brewpub Announces Departure of Founding Brewers & Arrival of Replacement

TORONTO, ONFolly Brewpub has announced that its co-head brewers are leaving the company, and are currently working with their replacement as he transitions into the new role.

According to a press release, Chris Conway and Christina Coady – who have been with the brewery since its inception just over two years ago – are returning to their home province of Newfoundland, where they will be partnering on a new brewery that is planned to open in 2018.

Coming on board as the new head brewer is John Jenkinson, who has “a long history of innovative homebrewing and involvement in the London homebrew scene.” He has been working with Conway and Coady over the past few weeks to learn the recipes for the current Folly line-up and start developing some new beers of his own, and will officially take over the lead role on November 1st, with Conway remaining to support him for a month.

“John is the right person to continue the beer direction of Folly,” says Conway in a statement. “We couldn’t be happier passing off the brewing responsibilities to another established homebrewer with some great ideas for new Folly brands.”

Details on Conway and Coady’s Newfoundland project are expected to be announced in coming months.

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