Herald Haus Brewing Planning to Open in Stratford

STRATFORD, ONThe Stratford Beacon Herald reports an historic building that was once home to one of its precursor publications may soon to be the location of a new brewery.

Herald Haus Brewing is being founded by a local company that owns two other establishments – The Hub and Bard’s Steakhouse – that are co-located at 27 Marketplace in downtown Stratford. The brewery and taproom is proposed to be located in the Herald Building at 19 Marketpace, a building that was the original home of the Stratford Herald newspaper which merged with the Stratford Beacon in 1923.

Managing partner Dan Graver and architect Robert Ritz presented the plans for the project to a city council meeting on Monday, along with an application for a zoning amendment to allow the building to be used as a brewery. Graver noted that the brewing equipment will be purchased from DME in Prince Edward Island, and gave some details on expected production volumes:

In its first year, Graver said Herald Haus will brew approximately 1,600 hectolitres of product, followed by 2,000 hectolitres in year two, and 2,400 hectolitres in year three and beyond. With a plan to purchase four large fermenters, Graver plans to brew four distinct kinds of beer, all of which have yet to be announced.

No objections were raised during the meeting, and the proposal now needs to go through a standard review and approval process for a building permit. There will also be a discussion of plans to renovate the front facade of the building during a meeting of the planning and heritage subcommittee today.

For more details, see the full Stratford Beacon Herald article, as well as the Herald Haus Brewing Facebook page.

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